Recharge and Refresh YOGA


Fighting in Relationships YOGA to help let it go!

One of the most awakening books THE UNTETHERED SOUL by Michael Singer, shared with us to keep our hearts open no matter what. Open up at the heart center and at all energy sources. Especially where you feel pain, and intense suffering. Imagine your heart opening, opening, and expanding. It can be a door, a ball of light, the sun, a blooming flower, whatever imagery resonates with you. Know there is no experience or person worth closing down for, no matter how painful we perceive it to be. Another amazing book shared by Anita Moorjani DYING TO BE ME, a near death experience. Anita shares through all of her pain and suffering with stage four cancer, to be compassionate to our ego self. Many gurus, sages and enlightened beings guide us to free ourselves from our ego. The part of us who edges god out ( whatever that means or feels like for you). If we can merely give our ego compassion and choose to realign. In moments of fighting, arguments, mental turmoil we have a choice. Be present in the moment, breath an allow feelings, thoughts and emotions to course through your veins. Moments we are engulfed with molten lava and in others we flow like a calm gentle stream. In a matter of new momenty we can find stillness and love will return to you. I am sending love and healing my friends! Namaste.

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